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LIGHTING WORKSHOP najlepsza kategoria produktów. Zawiera wiele rodzajów produktów w kategorii Lighting workshop.
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37.75 € (excl. TAX)
46.43 € (incl. TAX)

48.59 € (excl. TAX)
59.76 € (incl. TAX)

*s9999949 - PROFI Led Lamp 128 LEDs under the hood
 *s9999949 - PROFI Led Lamp 128 LEDs under the hood    Price:
84.06 € (excl. TAX)
103.39 € (incl. TAX)

The LED light mounted under the hood or to work under the car. Kit includes: - A lamp with a system mounted on telescopes (minimum adjustable length 1040 mm, max 1625 mm) - 128 LEDs - Batteries (charging time 3 hours., INTENSE burning time 5 ... 
140820 - Profi Lux lamp workshop
 140820 - Profi Lux lamp workshop    Price:
28.89 € (excl. TAX)
35.54 € (incl. TAX)

M3570 - Diagnostic Torch 3 in 1
 M3570 - Diagnostic Torch 3 in 1    Price:
32.86 € (excl. TAX)
40.42 € (incl. TAX)

For hard to reach places, the arm flexible fiberglass of 3 mm. 
M39300 - Magnetic torch on a flexible arm
 M39300 - Magnetic torch on a flexible arm    Price:
7.26 € (excl. TAX)
8.93 € (incl. TAX)

footer magnet very versatile, flexible arm use 3 batteries included 
M39711 - LED Flashlight head
 M39711 - LED Flashlight head    Price:
6.30 € (excl. TAX)
7.75 € (incl. TAX)

12 LEDs powered by three AAA batteries R03 - little fingers 4 types of lighting: - 1 included four LEDs. - 2 included 8 LEDs. - 3 included 12 LEDs. - 4 light pulse. 3 batteries included. 
M809503 - Safety glasses with LEDs
 M809503 - Safety glasses with LEDs    Price:
8.79 € (excl. TAX)
10.81 € (incl. TAX)

Plastic cover, adjustable length arms, very strong, durable and scratch-resistant plastic fast, on the sides of LED lamps, battery-powered miniature, light with adjustable angle of inclination 
M809525 - LED Flashlight Battery Workshop
 M809525 - LED Flashlight Battery Workshop    Price:
13.37 € (excl. TAX)
16.45 € (incl. TAX)

24 high performance LEDs on the back of the hook and a magnet to suspend the 3-ema powered by AA batteries, R-6, do not need a charger, much lighter and much cheaper than battery 
MHU21001 - Flashlight Magnetic Telescope
 MHU21001 - Flashlight Magnetic Telescope    Price:
13.56 € (excl. TAX)
16.68 € (incl. TAX)

Retractable, telescopic arm length from 190 to 560 mm, lifting magnet to 1 kg, 3 LEDs. 
MHU811LA - LED Flashlight, Mini
 MHU811LA - LED Flashlight, Mini    Price:
5.16 € (excl. TAX)
6.34 € (incl. TAX)

Ultra thin light pens. LEDs with high light intensity. Easy and convenient to use. Low Price. 
MSTE96415 - Glasses with LED lighting
 MSTE96415 - Glasses with LED lighting    Price:
11.27 € (excl. TAX)
13.86 € (incl. TAX)

Frame glasses - no lenses LED high power (up to 100 LEDs life 000h of continuous operation) - Attached 6 batteries SR621SW Ultra-lightweight and modern design frame Ideal for repairs in a dimly lit areas with great help of very precise work 
MSTE96711 - Safety glasses with LEDs
 MSTE96711 - Safety glasses with LEDs    Price:
13.76 € (excl. TAX)
16.92 € (incl. TAX)

Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements, according to the standard UV400 lenses can be removed LED High Power (LEDs life up to 100 000 hours of continuous use) Attached 6 batteries SR621SW Ideal for repairs in low light conditions Erasers on the ... 
UNA89211 - LENA PROFI lamp hanging in the Service Set mask
 UNA89211 - LENA PROFI lamp hanging in the Service ...    Price:
106.28 € (excl. TAX)
130.72 € (incl. TAX)

Portable fluorescent binding. Fluorescent tube shielding uderzenioodpornego made of plastic (polycarbonate), neck and pluvial rubber. Round rubber plug with 5 meter cable gel. Maksymnalny handle 170 cm wheelbase. 
V1463 - Lamp LED workshop
 V1463 - Lamp LED workshop    Price:
42.18 € (excl. TAX)
51.88 € (incl. TAX)

Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products) Result Pages:  1 
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